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Dental Lab GPS History

Dental Lab GPS was established in 2002 . It was started by one technician
within a local dental practice. Dental Lab GPS soon expanded investing in its own facility designed exclusively to produce removable prosthetics. The lab invested in the high quality systems such as the Ivoclar injection denture processing system. Dental Lab GPS spared no expense to have state of the art lab equipment in order to provide exceptional dental lab services to its doctors.
Dental Lab GPS started by providing removable prosthetics and continues to do so today.
Through its reputation and word of mouth the laboratory grew and provided services for up to 51 private dental offices in the Las Vegas Valley over time. Denture Master has also provided services for dentists out of town in small communities such as Lake Havasu where there is limited laboratory support services for dentists.
What started as one technician grew to 4 technician and 5 auxiliary personnel that handle bookkeeping, lab maintenance, and delivery services. The services provided are all phases of removable laboratory services including full, partial removable prosthetics, night guards, retainers, custom trays, etc.
Dental Lab GPS has provided services tor UNLV SDM for the past several years nonexclusive to any contract. The Lab has experienced the demand to finish cases by senior dental students in the spring semester.
Dental Lab GPS’s dedicated technicians have worked beyond their normal scheduled hours to meet UNLV 80M’s demand at the end of the school year.
As a service business Dental Lab GPS knows the value of good customer service and will go beyond what is expected to keep and maintain an excellent working relationship with its clients.
With Victor Laurean as its owner the laboratory has expanded and has also provided services for UNLV Continuing Dental Education Program and UNR General Dentistry Residency programs. Dental Lab GPS ‘s Victor Laurean has not only provided services but has also contributed by lecturing on topics of interest related to doctor/lab communication, techniques and instrumentation.
Dental Lab GPS was selected as a preferred provider by the Culinary Union dentists. Dental Lab GPS has experience with big accounts. The Lab manages its personnel based on volume of work. When the “Great Recession” hit the country the lab down sized to stay competitive with the diminished demand for services.
Never the less, Dental Lab GPS is committed and stands behind the quality of services it provides. Dental Lab GPS has been able to adapt and change to the economic conditions and has stayed profitable in good times and bad due to good business practices, seasoned and experienced leadership.

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