Dental Lab GPS Services

Dental Lab services
Dental Lab GPS Services

Dental Lab GPS is among the leading dental labs in America with a variety of dental laboratory products and services. As a national dental arts lab, we are committed to providing not only a range of high quality products, but exemplary service as well. Our highly experienced team of dental technicians is second to none in their attention to detail and exceptional, custom work. From veneers to crown restorations, your patients will love their restorations due to their quality and esthetics. At Dental Lab GPS we are dedicated to delivering only the best to our clients with products you can trust, all of which are premium quality and have not been outsourced. If there are ever any questions or concerns, you can quickly and easily contact us. Allow Dental Lab GPS to show you why we are superior in dental lab supplies, products and services.

Our Dental Services

Quality and affordable dentistry
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All-Ceramic Dental Lab Restoration Products

No matter the case, there’s Dental Lab GPS all-ceramic material is perfect for your indication, from posterior bridges to anterior crowns. Manufactured by expert technicians on our industry-leading CAD/CAM workflow for maximum precision, every all-ceramic restoration is hand finished for stunning esthetics, and undergoes seven quality-control checkpoints before it ships to ensure every case seats quickly with minimal chairside adjustment.

Crown & Bridge Dental Restorations Lab

Innovations in production aren’t confined to our all-ceramic department. Dental Lab GPS has developed CAD/CAM processes to ensure precision in conventional restorations such as full-cast crowns, temporaries and PFM. From wax-ups to temporaries, every crown and bridge case is fabricated to seat quickly with minimal adjustment.

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Dentures & Removables Dental Lab Products

With myriad factors to consider – passive vs. active fit, material choice, functionality and esthetics – fabricating dentures and partials is a challenge that many labs aren’t up to. Dental Lab GPS established removables department communicates with you and your staff to produce removable prostheses tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy and needs.

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Dental Implant Lab Products

More patients – and their insurers – seek a more functional solution to edentulism than removables, and Dental Lab GPS has been on the vanguard of innovations in implant dentistry. Draw on our extensive experience to help with case planning, consultation and fabrication services to improve outcomes on every case.

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Dental Lab GPS offers a complete line of preventative care products that were designed to assist your patients who require bruxism protection, splint therapy, and sports protection. Our specialized preventative care department consists of a certified team of technicians who are trained in all phases of fabrication.

Digital Dentistry
Digital Dentistry

Dental Lab GPS has been embracing CAD/CAM technology since it was new to the industry. We’ve also kept on the forefront as technology advanced, and now utilize one of the most advanced in-house workflows in the industry. Built to integrate with all practices, every case receives cutting-edge precision, irrespective of your preferred processes.